Bloomsbury Professional Online’s UK Tax Service provides you with detailed tax information for as little as £400 + VAT a year! We know it sounds too good to be true, that's why we're inviting you to try this great-value service out for yourself.

Bloomsbury Professional Online’s UK Tax Service offers you:

The tax advisers that we talk to often wish they got better value and a better level of service from their online tax subscriptions. Our UK Tax Service will give you all of these benefits and more.

Reasons to try Bloomsbury Professional Online:

  1. Broad coverage at a fair price - Access to a core tax service containing 17 titles for as little as £400 + VAT a year
  2. Depth of information when you need it - The option to subscribe to any of 5 specialist add-on services
  3. Flexibility – The ability to add new users or additional services whenever you like
  4. Less time waiting for search results - Our lightning fast state-of-the-art search engine gives you immediate results
  5. Easy access to the content you use most - Build your own personalised set of frequently used documents that are automatically updated with the system
  6. Track new developments in areas that are important to you - Save your most frequently used searches and tell the system to email you when new content is added relating to those terms
  7. Unique team working and client marketing opportunities - Share documents by email and through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  8. Google-style autocomplete search function
  9. Current awareness updates with ‘Month in a Minute’ summaries, news stories, conference reports and case summaries

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The UK Tax Service is also part of the Bloomsbury Tax Toolkit. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Other tax products from Bloomsbury Professional Online:

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Add-on modules:

Note: Add-ons can only be subscribed to alongside the Core Tax service

We also offer online access to 2 specialist standalone services:

  • VAT on Construction, Land and Property
  • Norfolk and Montagu on the Taxation of Interest and Debt Finance

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