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How it works…

Bloomsbury Tax Planner Interactive:s1

  1. Identifies the problem
  2. Offers the solution
  3. Tells you exactly how and when to put it in to practice

You won’t need to spend hours researching a subject to offer great tax planning advice. All you need to do is choose the relevant module from the list below:

  1. Starting a business
  2. Growing a business
  3. Dividing a business
  4. Leaving a business
  5. CGT planning
  6. IHT plannings2

Then answer a few Yes/No questions and it will lead you to the best tax planning solution for your client.  Once you’ve arrived at a solution, it provides step-by-step guidance on how to implement it with:

Even if you’ve never considered yourself to be an expert in tax planning, Bloomsbury Tax Planner Interactive will give you the tools and the confidence to offer your clients tried and tested solutions at a price they can afford! And at only £300 + VAT for an annual subscription it’s at a price you can afford too!

Watch this demo video to see just how easy Bloomsbury Tax PIanner Interactive is to use!

Subscribe to Bloomsbury Tax Planner Interactive today and change the way that you do business in 2015.  For further information contact our online sales team on 01444 416119 or onlinesales@bloomsburyprofessional.com

Bloomsbury Tax Planner Interactive is also part of the Bloomsbury Tax Toolkit. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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This product has been developed using 30 years of experience advising and supporting tax practices like yours!


“Based on my experience of advising firms of every size for the past 30 years, Tax Planner Interactive provides straight forward tax planning solutions for everyday situations by matching the appropriate reliefs to the circumstances, rather than aggressive and artificial planning that’s open to attack by HMRC.”
Nick Parkes, Parkes